Speakers National Zero Suicide Forum 2017 - Dr David Covington
David Covington LPC, MBA

David Covington serves as CEO and President of RI International, is a partner in Behavioral Health Link, author of a healthcare innovations blogsite and leads the international initiatives “Crisis Now,” “Zero Suicide,” and “Peer 2.0.”

He is a two-time winner of the United States Council of State Governments Innovations Award, and an acclaimed global speaker having visited 35 countries, with TED-style Talks and conference Keynotes.

Previously he served as VP at Magellan Health and was responsible for the $750 million per year health plan contract with Arizona Medicaid and the Department of Health.

Please join David Covington and others for a discussion about suicide prevention, and cutting edge technology that is helping to change perspectives on suicide prevention and recovery. It is an important and timely discussion.